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Mauricio Ramírez
Fashion | Commercial

  • Instagram - Black Circle

Represented by GH Management. 

Based in Mexico City, Mexico.

You can see my work in the following magazines:

Maple, "Not Every Witch Lives in Salem" (Web) Jun 2019. (México)

Fashion Business Review, "Verano Explosivo" Jun-Jul 2019. (Mexico).

Féroce, "The Weirder, The Better" Jul Vol. 7, 2019. (Edinburgh)

Elléments,  "The Apartment" Set 3, Jul 2019. (New York) 

Archive The Mag, "WRK'N OUT" (Web) Jul 2019. 
Picton, "Fade(D)reams" No. 236, Aug 2019. 

Elegant, "Getting Warmer" Vol. 61, Aug 2019. 

Creators, "She and Her" Black and White Vol. 2 Issue 16. Aug 2019. (Canada) 

Picton Gold, "Back to the 80's" No. 287, Sep 2019.

Picton, "Untitled #5" No. 334, Nov 2019.

Picton, "Isolated System" No. 336, Nov 2019.

Picton, "Beauty of Simplicity" No. 368, Dec 2019.

LUVAN, "Lecciones de Estilo" No. 105, Dec/Jan 2020. (México)

Picton, "N.E.M" No. 386, Jan 2020.

Picton, "Untitled #2" No. 392, Jan 2020.

Feroce, "Ange D'art Va" Vol. 8, Jan 2020. (Edinburgh)

Intrend Weddings, "Bridal Looks" Ed. 6, Jan/Jun 2020. (México)

Horizont, "Day At Tepopztlan" Issue 8, Vol. 14, Feb 2020.

GMARO, "How Does it Makes You Feel" Issue 16, Feb 2020. 

GMARO, "The Rooftop Shooting" Issue 11, Mar 2020.

Picton, "Sunlight and Wind"No. 460, Mar 2020. 

Elegant, "Goodes Was-hed Away on Lazaro Lagoon" Mar 2020.

Lucy's, "Homemade Dynamite" Vol. 53, May 2020. (USA)

GMARO, "Isolation is Creation" Issue 18, Jun 2020.

Moevir, "Refelct of a shadow" Jun 2020. (Paris)

192 (UnoNueveDos), "Ecdisis" (Web) Aug 2020. (México)

Sticks and Stones, "Sweet Desire" (Web) Sep 2020. (USA)

Elle Bg, "На ретро вълна сред пясъчните тонове" (Web) Sep 2020. (Bulgaria)

Elle Cz, "Módní Story Warm Fall" (Web) Oct 2020. (Checoslovaquia)

GMARO, "Rock It" Issue 13, Nov 2020.

PAP, "80's Vibe" Nov 2022. (Web) (Italy)

PAP, "Fi(s)her" Nov 2022. (Web) (Italy)

Grazia Bg, "Стилните зимни попадения за вашия гардероб" (Web) Dec 2020. (Bularia)

GEZNO, "The Mannequins" Issue 05, Dec 2020.

Grazia Bg, "Готови сме да разрешим модните дилеми на зимата" (Web) Jan 2021. (Bulgaria)

GMARO, "Cowgirl From All Times" Jan 2021.

GEZNO, "Orthochromatic" Mar 2021

Cichle, "Bold Chroma" Apr 2021. (USA)

Grazia Bg, "Вечно слънце през новия сезон" (Web) Mar 2021. (Bulgaria)

PAP, "Optic Aberration" (Web) Apr 2021. (Italy)

GMARO, "Status Momentum" Apr 2021.

MEOW, "Aurum" (Web) May 2021. (México)

Malvie, "Transmutation" May 2021. (France)

L'officiel Vn, "DƯỚI ÁNH" May 2021. (Vietnam)

192 (UnoNueveDos), "Domi" (Web) May 2021. (México)

192 (UnoNueveDos), "Like Helmut" (Web) Jul 2021. (México)

Malvie, "Monete Strokes"Jul 2021. (France)

MOB Journal, "Back in black" Jul 2021. (Canada)

Grazia Bg, "И през новия сезон ще се обличаме в черно и бяло" (Web) Sep 2021. (Bulgaria)

Sticks and Stones, "Quintaesencia" (Web) Sep 2021. (USA)

Sticks and Stones, "Studies on Aesthetics" (Web) Nov 2021. (USA)

Sticks and Stones, "Echos" (Web) Dec 2021. (USA)

Penthouse Mexico, "Let it Snow" (Web) Dec 2021. (México)

LUVAN, "Helena HaroJan 2022. (México)

LUVAN, "Julián GilJan 2022. (México)

Penthouse Mexico, "Blue Monday" (Web) Jan 2022. (México)

MID WOMAN, "TendenciasJan/Feb 2022. (México)

Penthouse Mexico, "Isa al Descubierto" Jan/Feb 2022. (México)

LUVAN, "Alejandra Ambrosi" Feb 2022. (México)

Penthouse Mexico, "Corazón Autodidacta" Mar/Apr 2022. (México)

Penthouse Mexico, "Esperanza en Nadja" May/Jun 2022. (México)

Penthouse Mexico, "Sentimiento Natural" Jul/Aug 2022. (México)

Sticks and Stones, "Undefined" (Web) Aug 2022. (USA)

Elle Bg, "Empty Title" (Web) Oct 2022. (Bulgaria)

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